Fund Connect aids in navigating the fund marketplace, informing and streamlining the investment process and facilitating your oversight and control over a global investment portfolio.

Transparency Connect

Transparency Connect provides a highly intuitive and interactive way to visualize and examine underlying exposures by issuer, country, instrument, sector, maturity buckets and rating. With the holdings information of more than 400 funds available across multiple currencies, you have access to one of the most comprehensive portfolio management tools available in the market.

Virtual Portfolio

Virtual Portfolio gives you the ability to evaluate how different investment scenarios would impact your portfolio at both macro and micro levels.

Before executing investment decisions, you can utilize the Virtual Portfolio tool to simulate the impact of those trades on exposures at fund provider, issuer, country and instrument level. This enables you to see how potential trades would impact your overall risk profile, making it a valuable tool for making informed investment decisions.

Reporting Suite

Fund Connect offers a comprehensive reporting suite covering seven years of trade history, as well as fund statistics and daily investments and holdings. It offers a range of dashboards, drill-downs and reports, which can be customized, saved and exported. The suite allows you to:

  • Run global reports across all treasury locations
  • Generate reports based on date, investor, fund identifier, currency and more
  • Name and save reports into .csv files to integrate into downstream systems
  • Input company guidelines to meet internal compliance parameters
  • Provide read-only access to produce historical reports
  • Integrate to external treasury systems for automated treasury workflows

Fund Connect also allows fund providers to display information such as fund documentation and static data including; prospectuses, supplements, factsheets, ratings, fund identifiers and cut-off times.

Compliance Tools

Pre-trade compliance rules can be set up across each investment to ensure internal and external regulatory requirements are always met. Drill-down capabilities are available to support detailed analysis. These include:

  • Percent-owned allocations for each fund
  • Maximum market value for each fund
  • Multiple signature approval functionality

Email notifications

Fund Connect has an integrated notification system for email alerts based on specified trade and/or fund details. These include:

  • Order notifications: Provide alerts for pre-trade and post-trade processing and position keeping
  • Fund notifications: Provide information on changes to ratings, cut-off times and expense ratios in order to maintain internal investment guidelines